Lot # 46: VHS: 1993 Super Mario Bros. VGA 85

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Only in the last few years have factory sealed video games become mainstream collectibles.  Instant nostalgia, beautiful display, and the extremely limited supply have boasted the vintage video game space into a white-hot market.  Much like Mario led the way with the emergence of Nintendo into American pop culture, he leads the way as the most desirable commodity amongst collectors.  Within the last few years, factory sealed high grade Super Mario Bros. games began to eclipse the six-figure mark at auction.  And just recently, a record was set in early August 2021 when a buyer paid a jaw dropping $2,000,000 for the icon - a factory sealed NES copy of Super Mario Bros. in nearly pristine condition.

If instant nostalgia, beautiful display, and the extremely limited supply is the formula that equates to a hot collectible, its no wonder that VHS has caught fire. Similar to its NES counterpart, Super Mario Bros. is widely considered the most coveted VHS from the 1990’s.  A great cover, branding, and rarity help make it a hit amongst collectors.  Our factory sealed example is simply awesome and we consider it a must-have for both VHS and vintage video game collectors alike.  This one features the ever-important white Hollywood Pictures Home Video security seal adorning the side and bottom panel.  Tear-away proof of purchase is also present on the bottom panel and the reverse is sealed with a vertical overlap.  A magnificent high-grade copy of Super Mario Bros. that is sure to thrill collectors.  Encapsulated by VGA (85), #73521960

*We are pleased to present you, our valued collectors, the opportunity to purchase the very first offering of factory sealed VHS graded by industry leader, VGA.  This collection, ”The First 15”, features popular, in-demand titles across film genres.  Each title and serial number will remain archived on our website for future reference.

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